First Impressions

My first few days in Cape Town have been amazing. I’m writing this after a looong few days and I’m sure I’ll miss some important stuff but hopefully I can push through the deliriousness and do this city justice. My first full day was spent on the Red Bus tour, getting a general feel for the city.  We stopped in Camps Bay, the glitzy waterfront neighborhood of Cape Town, for lunch and didn’t let the rain bring us down.  Cape Town is a bustling city set between the Atlantic and an enormous plateau.  There is a new view around every corner and I know it won’t get old.

The fisherman’s wharf.

The city center.

Michelle Obama’s car and entourage.

The flower markets at Trafalgar Square.

The view from Table Mountain.

Looking up at Table Mountain.

The journey down Lower Main.

Today we went to the Old Biscuit Mill, this absolutely amazing tented mill that hosts local food, drink, and flower vendors every Saturday. It was like a farmers market on steroids with a little bit of exotic flavor thrown in.  To get to this mill, we walked through some pretty poor parts of the area but as soon as we got there is was this bustling, hip place hiding behind these dirty streets.

Ze Mill.

A few of the VAC interns chowing.

A produce stand inside.

Some Ostrich Knuckles.  If I could get these through customs I’d bring back the whole crate for Stella and Rem.

The walk home from the mill.

Charly’s Bakery.  No idea what the deal is but it looked cool.

A collection of street signs at the District 6 museum.

After the mill, a few of us decided to head to downtown Cape Town to check out the Saturday market and the District 6 Museum which commemorated the African families that were displaced to the Cape Flats so the whites could live in the prosperous District 6.

I meet with my internship supervisor on Monday but until then I’ll be exploring as much as I can.  A hike up Table Mountain is in the cards for this weekend.  Pictures to come.


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