5 for 5

If I could put into words all the things I have learned this week, I would have to write a novel. To spare myself the time and boredom, I’ll put it into list form.

1. Life is too short for assholes. There are too many people who are too caught up and that’s not what it’s about. South Africa boasts such a communal culture and this is polar opposite from the United State’s emphasis on individualism. The world will not work when every person fends for his or her own self. The collective is what perpetuates things and it’s easy to forget that when the world favors fame.

2. Let yourself have that experience. A conversation with a new friend opened my eyes. This is the place and time to feel what you’ve never felt before. A time to find what your soul is really made of. When asked what revelation it took to get me here, I didn’t have a straightforward answer. No epiphany, just an urge to get out of my comfort zone and do something completely different. Something new and unexpected. To try to find someway to push my own buttons and test myself. I wanted to get far away from home, from all that I knew and to a place that was comfortable with without losing my sanity.

3. Follow what you feel. I’ve never been one to plan out exactly what I want to do. I think it’s all about growth and allowing yourself to be lost in what you might not know. Getting caught up in the journey is the most exciting part and who cares if it’s a little vague.

4. Start and engage. In those conversations that you’re not used to. For some reason this has been so hard for me recently. Communal topics become personal issues and it seems like this shouldn’t be the case. There always are, and always will be those people who launch those nerve-wracking conversations. Those ones that get your heart pounding and your head churning. The type of stuff that you can’t remember word for word because the feeling that you’re left with is far more important.

5. Stop and breathe. I always get too caught up in time and logistics. What’s living if you have to check your watch every 20 minutes. By accident I had to take my watch off today, and it was the best thing that could have happened. Time meant nothing today. Today time was not money, it was not of the essence, it was this abstract idea that held us together for a few more moments. Obviously it’s hard to make this a reality, but to just stop and clear your head, to realize that if you let yourself there can be so much more to deadlines and meeting times, everything opens up.


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