Stumbling through it

Recently it’s been brought to my attention that I trip more than the average person.  While lack of coordination would be the simple answer, I’ve figure out something better.  I trip because I’m dreaming.  Because my head is in 5 different places at once and my physical presence is the first to go when I’m here.  It usually happens when the conversation subsides and my head has a chance to spin.  Maybe it’s the new scenery or the humbling realization of my tiny presence but something about South Africa bumps my status up to ultra-dreamer. The overstimulation I experience at work everyday has me looking forward to the minibus rides I dreaded a few weeks ago.  It’s amazing what eight and a half hours of top 40 will do to a person.  Five o’clock strikes and I make my way down Riebeek, past the candy stand, the dual camera/pharmacy shop, the occasional parking attendant, around the train station and up the steel stairs.  I step inbetween blankets spread out on the ground, each covered in pirated DVD’s, cell phone cases, or leather belts.  I squeeze into the first minibus I see and wait the assortment of characters to join me.  A combination of smells and sounds never experienced before, all I can do is take it in.  Comfort is out the window and I almost am too as we swerve to avoid other buses and cars.  I’ve accepted the chaos and now use this ride to float home and process the day.  The minibus is my meditation and transforming this insane ride into a place of tranquility works for me.  Immersion is simply the best way to learn.  And that’s what I’ve learned.


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