Lank fun

Work has been going swimmingly. Last Thursday, the art depart felt like having more of a creative day than a tedious one. Just like every other morning, we started with some instant coffee and got some layouts done, but once noon came around, antsy was an understatement. Sounds of coffee pong bounced off of the lime green walls. Co-workers from the sales department stopped by to ask about the over sized house of cards on the desk. Tim let them know it was to hold our mugs while we let our coffee cool. With lots of encouragement from the crew, I started to work on a photo-shopped rendition of life as an intern in Cape Town. YouTube videos were watched; my supervisor needed to see how Jason Derulo (0:38)  sings out his name at the beginning of every. single. song. A poo coffee adventure was suggested but no moves were made; we were too distracted by the silliness floating around. While this doesn’t happen everyday, parts of it repeat. Of course we do get some thing done as well.

My first client advert

My first four-page spread.

My first advertorial.  Whoop.


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