Feeding Time

I eat design for breakfast.

It’s difficult for me to write about work.  After spending nine and a half hours in InDesign each day, the last thing I want to do it come home and talk about it.  This software is my new home.  Technicality in design is something I’m not used to. Feeling my way through a design problem has been my mindset before working for a magazine but you can’t do that here.  I’ve come to understand that going in with a vision and tweaking that vision along the way is far more effective than fumbling with photos and rearranging text boxes for hours.  Clearly my design skills are far from perfect but understanding what the reader’s eyes expect, and also what will draw them into the page is something that I’ve become much more conscious of.  While I don’t necessarily plan to go into magazine publishing, being nose-deep in design every day for seven weeks has helped me to refine my skills.


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