On culture

My departure is looming. I’ve come to the point in my stay in Cape Town where I’m so content and comfortable with all of the South African nuances that the idea of leaving just seems mean. Three more regional issues of Property Magazine have surfaced and although there were some printing/color discrepancies, the mag looks wonderful.  Last week the art depart took a field trip to the printers of one of their contract titles.  The company was small and efficient, boasting its state of the art technology that allowed the organization to cut back on space and employees.  Our tour guide drew us a picture of the technicalities of the printer which made absolutely no sense until I saw the massive, 30 foot long machines in action. The machines were loud and smelly and great, CMKY (and one black) inked rollers sent the glossy sheets spinning through the press to print perfectly punchy pages by the end.

The past two weeks have been mellow and great. Lots of local live music, lots of great people, and amazing food as always.
We saw zef Afrikaans rapper Jack Parrow on Saturday night at the Assembly and even though I understood about 10% of everything he was saying, the essence of his craziness and vulgarity was fully translatable.  He came out on stage in polka dot boxer shorts, and a tank top, his hairy belly swinging as he danced.

The opening act was P.H Fat. The stage was covered in blow up dinosaurs and inappropriate balloon “animals” and it was magical.  The combination of fluffy animals and South African rap fulfills every dream I’ve ever had and seeing them live was wonderful.


My knees took a beating at the concert but front row comes with a price.


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