When five hours feels like 15 minutes

Seven days left and this is the most surreal part of my time here.  It’s those few suspended moments just before you fall asleep.  Ten minutes after you lay your head down and pass the waking stage and see sleep looming.  It’s the fuzzy, semi-consciousness where lucid dreams appear concrete and reality is sort of a blurred abstraction.  That’s where I’ve been for a few weeks now, immersed in a vacuum of all those tiny moments where I wish I could stay forever.  It becomes real and right when you have that visceral reaction to some idea, or place, or person.  At the same time, the expiration date may be what makes everything that much more wonderful.  There are lingering scents and images and conversations that will hopefully be replicated sometime in the future.  For now all I can do is stay submerged until I need to come up.


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