1. in a world of clutter

Painful ads make up only one part of why I plan to jump into the advertising world.  The never-ending stream of meaningless messages that I’m fed on a daily basis irritated me to the point of being tempted to do something about it.

The art department at my summer internship boasted a constant stream of local radio.  I was caught off guard at first when Savanna, a local South African cider manufacturer, produced a radio spot that caught my ear first because of its slow and relaxing delivery.  (And who doesn’t love a good innuendo with their morning coffee?)

Beyond refreshing to have a few minutes to listen to a voice that isn’t blabbering on at the speed of light, trying to fit as many syllables as possible into the 30-second spot.  The radio ad is only the beginning of a clever campaign that focuses on wit, dry humor, and that same slow delivery that first roped me in.

The campaign also promotes responsible drinking in a way that is not irritating or over the top.  Overall a successful delivery of the product as well as the brand image.


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