6. man caves & testosterone zones

Okay okay, we get it. Diet sodas have been marketed primarily to women for as long as we all can remember.
Take Pepsi’s controversial skinny can for example:And Coke Zero’s suggestive, yet clearly marketed print ad:

A norm has been established for the these products and Dr. Pepper, with their extra controversial, blatantly sexist “It’s not for women” campaign has crossed over into unknown territory of marketing diet sodas to men.  The soda’s bold flavor is simply too much for women to handle and only car-crashing, jungle-sprinting, fire-breathing men should try it.  Because the company has missed marketing targets in the past, they aim to go all out.

Dr. Pepper plans to spend the next eight months touring six majorly manly cities in their mobile “Man Cave”, a branded trailer that will host men as they come together to watch sports and drink Dr. Pepper Ten.

So what’s with the sexism? 

According to Advertising Age’s Natalie Zmuda, Dr. Pepper’s director of marketing Dave Fleming is excited to see how the market reacts to the product itself as well as the campaign.  The company knows what they’re doing; they understand the bond that a certain demographic will feel over the so-called manliness of those ten bold calories and there’s no doubt that they didn’t predict  the uproar they would cause among conscious media consumers.  After all, any press is good press, right?

Check out the clip if you haven’t already.


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