7. snapdragon’s bug circus

With a Facebook page tag line like “How many praying mantises does it take to power a smart phone?”, how could one not be intrigued.  Telecommunications company Qualcomm got serious about their bug circus smartphone charger.  A praying mantis on a bike, a tarantula casually crawling on a treadmill, and a scorpion on a wheel are only some of the insects featured in this entertaining, cringe-worthy clip.

The ad was created by social media expert Denizen Company to push the Snapdragon software on mainstream consumers by creating a presence in the social media realm.  The video’s quirkiness and attention to detail has attracted over 800,000 YouTube hits in 14 days.

The appeal?

Demonstrating the efficiency of the S4 line of microprocessors in a beautifully shot, completely unexpected way.  Really, who would have thought about connecting bugs and smartphones?


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