8. words from the wise

Some key points of what I’ve learned in Creative Strategist over the past few weeks from Deb:

No matter what the technology is, it will always come back to basic communication.

Get over yourself. Push the vanity aside, connect with and observe other people.

Work on something outside of work. Have a project to showcase your interests and dedication to the field.

Work beyond the obligation, think critically and write professionally.

Pay attention, it’s all on the final.

From Scott Bedbury’s lecture on branding

Storytelling and resonance are key. The goal is to connect with people and try to get them to feel a certain way.

Make mistakes, but only allow yourself to make them once. The second time will be career-limiting. Swing hard.

Creating good content is about observing and understanding. Getting out in the real world and not sitting behind your computer all day.

Understand the differences between other people and you.

Be fully present in every. single. moment. When we are fully present, we don’t miss much and this allows us to connect.

Be generous. Give your time and your intellectual capacity.

Acknowledge what’s going on and find ways to talk about. Be proactive in understanding current events.

Never stop learning, continue to be curious.

And a personal revelation

Don’t drink too much coffee right before class. The ground is too loud, the classroom is too big, and the lecture is too interesting to make for any subtle pee break exits.


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