13. note to future self from 8.17.11

A letter to myself written this past August.

Don’t forget what you’ve learned here. Don’t let yourself let go of the internal inspiration. Don’t forget to do things. Give yourself time, give yourself space. Get out of your head sometimes but stay in touch. Make yourself uncomfortable but only to stretch, not to break. Check in with yourself. Make shit out of other shit.

Cook, even if it’s ramen and eggs. Drink more wine and less shitty vodka. Eat Cadbury chocolate to remember the good times. Draw. Draw anything. Write down whatever you want and for God’s sake don’t censor a single written thing. Be grateful and be scared. Be excited. Kiss and hug and dance. Laugh, but not when it’s not funny. Chat, ask, open up.

Learn from what you have in from of you. Make art with everything you have; your words, your brain, your hands, your voice. Be blessed. Understand and sympathize. Stay in contact but don’t get swept away. Swim. Clean your room.

Forget about some things but only as much as you need to. Be generous, be humble. Let your heart shake and your palms sweat. Strut. Sway. Move. Hum. Tap. Rhyme. Make bad puns. Buy ugly things because they’re interesting. Don’t be scared to tell people no.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do but you can do anything you want.


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