So much has happened in the last month.  While trying to set up shop in a far away land presents its struggles, the opportunity for learning and doing is absurd.  I’ve kept a very short day-to-day record of the happenings; it’s amazing how much of the little stuff I tend to forget so I’ve found it nice to have a place to dump the day.

Some highlights starting in late September.

(twenty second)

Moz Logo Struggles. Red & Yellow visit with Paula. Quite cool and Unpretent. Tom made chicken curry. I’m staying here.

(twenty forth)

Kelly’s going away @ Trill. Too loud, too messy, too smokey but full of great people.

(twenty fifth)

Wrecked and the place is too. Clarke’s for breakfast. Said bye to Kelly with Jessi. Mellow recovery night.

(thirty first)

Breakfast at Clarke’s. Wine tasting at Eagle’s Nest with VACorps. Little Dragon @ OBM. Hotel bar in Woodstock?


Clarke’s again. Haircut from hell but good. Woolworth’s. Voice is gone.


Hike down Table.  Sweet nectar beers at Constantia Nek. Exhausted lunch at Royale. Wine with Paula at Gypsy Cafe. Are spring rolls Argentinian?


SLSJ program. Pork stew. Two bottles of wine…oops.

Okay so I’ve been up to a little more than this.  In addition to the work I’m doing for VACorps, I’ve managed to add in a little more – a banner for Rent-A-Room, wedding invitations, a seminar program, as well as a few new exciting projects in the works right now.  Proper examples will be added to my online portfolio soonish.


twenty second


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